Welcome to my lair !

What I do

These are my main fields

Project & Team Management

Planning, controlling and making the best work possible with my teams

Game Design

Making game concepts, creating new games, and balancing game systems


Writing stories, characters, dialogues and quests

Level Design

Designing, building and assembling levels and their content


All kinds of projects I worked on

Unreal Engine - Dark Forest

Level Design, Scene Building, Lighting

Unreal Engine - Snow Cave

Level Design, Scene Building

Unreal Engine - B&W City

Level Design, Scene Building, Lighting

Unreal Engine - Blueprints

Visual Scripting

Unity - Automage

Game Design, Sound Design

Unity - Lone Vaulter

Game Design, UI Programming

Unity - Food Royale

Project Management

Unity - Hasty Diplomacy


Writing - The Davenport Case

Scenario, Dialogues [FRENCH]

Unity - Shelter

Game Design, Sound Design


  • 2014 - 2016

    Technological Degree,
    Multimedia and Internet

    I started my education with a degree in the South of France (IUT de Béziers), where I studied :

    • Web Design: HTML, CSS, JS
    • Computer Graphics: Adobe Suite
    • Sound Design: Audacity, A.Audition
    • 3D Modeling : Blender
    • Programming, Algorithmic
    • Visual Effects : AfterEffects, Blender
    • Cry Engine
  • 2016 - 2019

    Game Design, Management

    Joined Supinfogame Rubika in 3rd year with an entrance test, and moved to Valenciennes (North of France). I'm currently studying :

    Game Design

    Level Design

    Engines : Unreal Engine, Unity, Construct


    Sound Design

    Experimental Game Design

    Game Economy

    Interactive Storytelling

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Updated : 15/01/2018

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